Losing Man Boobs without Gym

How to Lose Man Boobs at Home

Getting rid of your man boobs doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. If you want to work on that unwanted extra tissue without paying sign-up fees or dealing with daily embarrassment and self-consciousness, there are plenty of things you can do from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Keen to shrink those ‘moobs’ down a size? This article lists the best tips and tricks for losing man boobs from home.

Proper diet

A balanced diet rich in nutrients and low in processed ingredients is probably the best single thing you can do to improve every aspect of your health. A healthy diet is a crucial way to prevent three of the main causes of gynecomastia: hormonal imbalance, excessive fat distribution, and stress. Staying properly hydrated is incredibly important for mental activity and physical well-being, and if you don’t already, drinking two litres of water a day should help get rid of cravings for Band-Aid energy sources like sugary foods and coffee.

Testosterone is an important hormone to keep balanced if you want to shrink man boobs or prevent that tissue from enlarging any more, and your body is better at producing testosterone if you keep your system more alkaline. Drinking fresh lemon juice in water first thing every morning is one trick recommended to trigger your body into becoming more alkaline, but there are dozens more out there: an e-book called The Chest Coach provides a thorough list of ingredients you can add to your diet to increase alkalinity.

The right exercises

In just 30 minutes a day you can meet all your recommended exercise needs to keep your body fit and healthy, and the best news is that you don’t need to add another set of chest-specific exercises on top of that. Just incorporate a few strength-training moves that target your chest muscles into a broader fitness routine. But how can you work out your chest without all that hulking, extravagant gym equipment? Easy. A basic routine includes star jumps, squats (or a stationary seat exercise) sit-ups push-ups, and, once you’re fit enough, ‘burpees.’

A burpee looks like this: stretch out on the ground and raise you body up into a plank with your hands directly below your shoulders, your back in a nice straight line, your tummy tucked in and your but down in line with the rest. Keeping your hands where they are, jump your feet forward to a squatting positing, then jump up and stretch your arms toward the ceiling. Jump back down into squatting position, and then jump your feet back to your original plank position. Burpees are quite intensive and require a fair amount of fitness and tone to b able to do fluidly, but once you can do them they’re a great all-body strength and cardio work out, including for your pectorals.

If you do the correct exercises for the correct amount of time each day, you will strengthen and sculpt your chest muscles, building up muscle around the enlarged tissue to make it less visible, and helping your body to process and break down excess tissue deposits. For detailed info on the best exercises to lose man boobs fast, see The Chest Coach e-book mentioned earlier.

Exercise and diet are both necessary

You are going to have to combine both of these efforts if you want to see real results and diminish those man boobs. This might sound frustrating, but in fact, staying hydrated and making better food choices can make it much easier to exercise. The healthier you are the more aware you’ll become of what you really need out of your food – does your body crave water and protein after a work-out? Many people also find that more exercise gets rid of cravings for incompatible foods: you might feel great chaining iced coffees while you’re sitting at your office all day, but during your work out your body is going to tell you that you actually want water instead.

We hope you’ve found these basic tips useful for making a start. For a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions at every point, do check out The Chest Coach.