Exercises to Lose Man Boobs

How to Lose Man Boobs Through Exercise

Are you suffering from man boobs (gynecomastia) and desperate to know if you can get rid of man boobs with exercise? This condition affects an increasing number of men in Australia and across the western world, and you’re not alone in wanting to do something about it.

What are the causes of enlarged breast tissue in men?

There are two main causes for man boobs, which can both impact the other. One is a hormonal imbalance, and the other is an excess accumulation of fat on the chest. When your hormones go out of whack, your body can respond by depositing fat in places more associated with female fat patterns. On the other hand, having too much fat in your body due to poor diet and exercise is a frequent cause of hormone imbalances in the first place.

Exercise can help restore balance to your hormones by keeping your body generally fit and healthy, improving your circulation, providing more oxygen and energy to your lymphatic system, and bring stress back to a healthy minimum.

Exercise can help break down deposits of excess body fat by burning off the calories stored in them, building muscle mass, and increasing your metabolism. The right exercise routine will improve your cardio fitness and overall muscle tone whilst specifically targeting and sculpting your chest muscles. Targeting your chest and core muscles will help to make any extra fat less visible over strong, toned muscles.

Best exercises to lose man boobs

Cardio exercise is crucial to diminishing man boobs caused by an excess of fat. Strength training is great for weight loss, and ultimately will increase your metabolism as your body diverts more calories to build all that lean muscle, but nothing shreds calories faster than pure cardio.

Cardio exercise essentially means anything that gets your body really moving, but you need to be able to maintain whatever you are doing for a decent length of time – preferably 30 minutes or more. The golden zone for improving your cardio fitness and really starting to shift calories happens once your heart rate is up, you’re sweating, and you’re making a serious effort (without struggling).

Lots of non-athletes might be unfamiliar with that feeling – once an exercise gets really hard, we think we’ve done enough and it must be time to stop. But the magic happens for as long as you can keep that going. So doing 30 minutes of an intense exercise like running or skipping is better for improving your fitness than doing 10 minutes of it three times a day. Start pushing your boundaries by noticing when you reach the point of sweating and hard breathing and see how much longer you can keep up momentum. You might surprise yourself by how much longer you can actually keep doing an exercise past when it gets ‘too hard.’ And it’s then that the endorphins kick in, giving you your post-workout bliss and making you happier to come back for another round tomorrow.

Want to know what exercises provide a great cardio workout? Try cycling, running, swimming, a Les Mills class, martial arts, or any number of aerobic cardio machines you can find at your local gym. In your exercise strategy, you should aim for an average of 30 minutes exercise per day, and you should do some serious cardio exercise 3 – 5 times every week.

Strength training and resistance training help build muscle around your shoulders, chest and core, improving general tone and tightening up the skin over your entire chest area.

Simple repetitions with dumbbells are great for working the chest muscles. There are numerous exercises you can do using weights, whether that’s hand-held weights or resistance weights (e.g. bench-presses and tricep pulls, etc.). If you’re not keen to join a gym or buy bulky equipment of your own, something as small and affordable as a Thera-band will provide all the exercises you need to tone up your chest.

How to lose man boobs through diet

Exercise alone won’t solve your issue, nor will you achieve your best possible general health. You should work steadily and happily towards a well-thought-out diet full of nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole-grains, lean proteins and healthy fats like avocados (as well as olive, flax seed and coconut oil). A great diet is the best way to enjoy and stay motivated for lots of healthy exercise, and in combination these two solutions are very effective ways to get rid of man boobs.