Using Hormone Balancing to Control Man Boobs

How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally with Hormone Balancing

If you’re facing symptoms of gynecomastia, you’ll be glad to know you can achieve good results at home by balancing your own hormones. Everyone knows that male bodies produce testosterone, but did you know that they also produce oestrogen as part of their normal functioning? Gynecomastia – enlargement of the glandular tissue under and around your nipples – is generally the result of your body producing a little too much oestrogen in relation to testosterone. Hormones can become unbalanced for a very broad spectrum of reasons, so if you are living an active, healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet but seem to have enlarged breast tissue, it’s worth visiting your doctor to see whether or not your normal balance of hormones might be out of whack.

Why hormones become unbalanced

If you are suffering from enlarged breasts, you may have gynecomastia caused by a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance might be in the form of lowered testosterone production, or increased oestrogen production, or it might be a problem with hormonal receptors and processors in your body. It is perfectly normal for the balance of hormones to shift from birth to early adulthood, and again after middle age, but there are many unnecessary causes and factors in modern life that can exacerbate this:

  • Unhealthy habits like a nutrient-poor diet, insufficient exercise and stress can all lead to excess fat. As we pointed out in this article, fatty deposits on the chest associated with obesity are not actually true examples of gynecomastia, however: an excess of fat in the bloodstream and the body can absolutely contribute to hormonal imbalance. One or both breasts might start to show the effects of the confusion you’re putting your body into.
  • Steroids can cause your body to retain fluids. This can happen selectively, and you are often more likely to retain fluid around glandular tissue. There are genuine medical reasons to use steroids, but they must always be used with extreme caution, and be reduced and stopped if possible. You can find out more about the interactions of anabolic steroids and gynecomastia here.
  • Aging tends to slow down your metabolism, and studies have found that after middle age many men start producing slightly less testosterone and slightly more oestrogen. This is normal, and doesn’t indicate an imbalance, but in conjunction with other factors you might end up with ‘bigger’ symptoms than you want to put up with. The aging process also alters your muscle composition, replacing about 10% of muscle with fat, and adipose tissue (fat) tends to deposit in different places. Once your body starts depositing new fat cells around your nipples and chest, this fat can stubbornly resist your efforts to remove it through diet and exercise.
  • Chemical exposure can impact hormone production. Brand new plastics and surface materials like Teflon are known to influence hormones. PCPs are what’s called ‘persistent’ poisons, found in plastics and which tend to leak into the environment from water treatment and landfill and then enter the food chain, concentrating as they work their way up to the animals that we eat.

How to rebalance your hormones

If you’re comparing your symptoms to this list of possible causes, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to help you restore a natural hormonal balance in your body. Stress hormones alone can have a huge effect, and are essentially entirely within you control. Practice dealing with stress effectively through mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and yoga.

Best nutrition to lose man boobs

Stop thinking about avoiding ‘bad’ foods, and start thinking about eating more nutrient-dense foods. We’re taught to pay attention to foods with too much fat, sugar, or the wrong types. This encourages addictive behaviours that make you feel like you have to keep yourself away from all the food you really want. Instead, stop worrying about the odd non-food treat (Oreos, for example!) and set goals for yourself based on consuming more food that is nutrient-dense compared to its calorific content. Green your diet with more fresh fruit and vegetables, cook with real parsley and coriander, Olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil and avocados are all associated with health benefits, and whole grains and proteins that provide extra vitamins and minerals should be favoured over white, nutrient-depleted grain products like white bread, white rice and pasta.

No matter what your diet or how willing you are to change it, the number one nutritional change that you can make today is to ensure that you always drink enough water. Dehydration compounds so many causes, correlating factors and symptoms of substandard health.

Best exercises to get rid of man boobs

A regular course of strength training and cardio will improve your metabolism, help tissues and muscles distribute more evenly, decrease your stress levels and improve your confidence.