Honest Answers About Gynexin

Honest Answers About Gynexin

Whether you call them your ‘man boobs,’ ‘moobs,’ or, to use the clinical name, gynecomastia, this condition usually causes embarrassment, discomfort, and can be seriously disrupting to not just your confidence, but your lifestyle as well.

You might be feeling like you can’t wear the same shirts you always have without feeling self-conscious. It might seem like shirtless days at the beach are a thing of the past. Even if your GP has told you that your gynecomastia is perfectly benign, and just a part of your normal male physiology, and that it doesn’t need any treatment at all. But if you want to get back the body that you’re familiar with, then you’ll be glad to know that you do have treatment options.

Surgical procedures to remove the enlarged glandular tissue and adipose deposits associated with man boobs are generally very effective. These procedures combine liposuction with an incision that surgically removes the gland itself. Surgery requires a minimum three days of total bed rest followed by a four-six week recovery period, during which you will probably not be able to (or allowed to) exercise, or drive yourself to work. Depending on the skill of the surgeon, some scarring may be visible.

Assuming you’ve got the time and flexibility to enjoy the recovery process, is surgery the best treatment for you? Not necessarily. Most Australian GPs and specialists are hesitant to recommend what is essentially an invasive treatment for a benign condition. And most Australian health insurance plans therefore consider it elective surgery, meaning that it even for men with comprehensive cover, patients will have to pay out of their own pocket.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution without the costs and recovery period required for invasive surgery, medical therapies and supplements become the most viable option.

Currently, the most frequently used product for treating gynecomastia in the Australian market is a herbal supplement sold under the brand name Gynexin. The brand makes big claims about its effectiveness, and claims to achieve great results in the same time frame as hormone therapy, but without many of the potential side effects.

A brief browse of internet reviews will show you that most users rave about the difference Gynexin has made, but you probably still have questions. What is the active ingredient? What mechanism does it use? Can it interact with other medications and supplements? Is it really safe?


Gynexin Alpha Formula reviewed

What is Gynexin?

Gynexin is a herbal supplement taken to reduce the glandular enlargement that results in the appearance of gynecomastia. Gynexin is what most people are talking about when they mention ‘male breast reduction pills.’

Is Gynexin effective?

Unlike surgery, the results of gynexin won’t be instantaneous. Results won’t happen overnight, nor does every man see the same level of improvement. However, according to satisfaction reviews conducted by the company, only about 1% of users found that the supplement had no effect after completing an entire course.

Gynecomastia can be triggered by a wide variety of lifestyle factors and physiological imbalances, and the hormone mechanisms that either cause it or cause it to go away are subtle. Everyone’s body is slightly different, and there are indications that for the men who didn’t see a positive result, interfering medications and supplements may have been to blame.

How long does Gynexin take to work?

Gynexin will start acting on your body’s processes from the first dose. To be as safe as it is, though, Gynexin works gently to change your hormonal imbalance over time, so you shouldn’t expect to see definite results before a month.

This might seem like a long time, but think about it this way: Gynexin is able to reduce male breast enlargement about 4-6 times faster than the tissue takes to grow in the first place. If you combine Gynexin use with a weight loss and chest-sculpting exercise routine, you have an excellent chance of getting noticeable results within the first four weeks.

What are the active ingredients in Gynexin?

Chromium, in the form of picolinate. Chromium is an essential trace element required for your body’s normal functioning, like phosphorus, copper, iron, selenium, etc. You might not have heard of it as a supplement, but it is used in conventional medical treatments like controlling the blood sugar levels of diabetics and prediabetics (people with early stage type 2 diabetes).

Chromium has also been used for weight loss as it changes the way the body metabolises, facilitating the production of muscle, and discouraging the production of fat. Since one of the main compounding factors that causes ‘man boobs’ is that increased oestrogen levels as well as age encourage muscle to start metabolising into fat, you can see why chromium is effective.

Guggulsterone. Not an element but an extraction from a plant, specifically, from the sap of Commiphora Mukul. In India, where this tree grows, it is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory and to treat arthritis. This extract appears to control triglycerides and lower cholesterol, as well as promoting weight loss.

Theobromine fruit. Theobromine is just the scientific designation for cacao, also known as cocoa. Dark chocolate is known for being high in antioxidants, and the same function applies to Gynexin. Antioxidants work to cleanse impurities from your system. Cacao stimulates blood flow and can dilate blood vessels slightly, stimulating feelings of relaxation and encouraging detoxification.

Green tea leaf extract: Popular as tonic for drinking, Gynexin gets right down to business and extracts the useful properties directly from the leaf. Green tea has proven a powerful therapy and preventative for a huge range of conditions, and is even associated with a decreased risk of several cancers. Why? The science points to polyphenols, an ingredient which reduces swelling and abnormal growth of cells. It stimulates neurotransmitters, which assist the brain to effectively relay hormone instructions to the rest of the body.

Caffeine: An everyday stimulant, you’ll find caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate and many other foods and beverages. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, works as a diuretic, lowers appetite and increases thirst, encouraging you to drink more and thus flush toxins out of your body. A cup of coffee is quite acidic, however, and to give your body the best chance to reduce gynecomasta, you want an alkaline environment. By taking the caffeine extract alone, you get the best of both worlds.

Sclareolides seed (3, 17-dihdro-delta-5-etiocholone-7-one). This thoroughly unpronounceable chemical is extracted from oil of clary sage, an important medicine since medieval times. Clary sage increases testosterone production and lowers oestrogen levels.

And lastly, the Proprietary Gynexin formula. Proprietary in this case means patented, and also effectively secret. About 25% of all conventional pharmaceutical medications are derived from natural plant sources, and in many of these drugs the relative amounts of different compounds can drastically change the results and effectiveness of the medical end product. Gynexin protects the formula it uses to maintain a monopoly on its product. A wise move, considering that it seems to have the market on effective gynecomastia treatment well and truly cornered right now.

Does Gynexin cause side effects?

As with all pharmaceutical products, the answer is: potentially. There is no medication which is harmless for every single person in every dosage when combined with every type of diet, lifestyle and medical history. Several of the ingredients lists cause minor side effects in healthy people, such as stomach cramping or muscle tension.

However, very rarely, you may have an allergy to one of the active ingredients, or two or more of them in combination. If you experience severe reactions such as diarrhoea or vomiting, stop taking Gynexin immediately and consult your GP.

Mild symptoms will probably pass in a few days as your body adjusts to the active ingredients and starts responding correctly.

Is Gynexin safe?

When used correctly, Gynexin is regarded as safe for daily use by healthy persons with no underlying medical conditions or complications. Because of the stimulant effect of some of the key ingredients, Gynexin is not suitable for people with heart conditions. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) should also avoid taking any supplement or medication without consulting their GP first.

Is Gynexin approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?

Gynexin does not qualify as a drug, and therefore does not require assessment or approval by the TGA.

How do I take Gynexin?

Gynexin is manufactured as a tablet, and you are recommended to take each tablet with a full 250ml glass of water. Due to a possible diminished effect if taken at the same time as food, you should wait at least thirty minutes between taking Gynexin and eating food.

What is the typical dosage of Gynexin?

The maximum daily dosage is four tablets (over a 24-hour period), with at least 6 hours between each. You may start on as little as one a day, and the recommended dose is two per day: one each morning and evening.

Where can I purchase Gynexin?


Until fairly recently, you could only order Gynexin directly from the manufacturer’s official website. Recently, the makers have started selling it wholesale and you can now buy it from retailers over platform like eBay and Amazon.

Can I buy Gynexin instore?

No. Gynexin isn’t yet sold from any physical stores within Australia.

Is Gynexin for sale internationally?

The USA is the biggest market, but Gynexin also ships out to Canada, the Uk, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Egypt. You can buy it in any country around the world except Norway.

Postage time varies strongly, as do international shipping tariffs and import taxes. If you are buying from the official website, eBay or Amazon, the seller should inform you of all the postage costs and import charges before you check out and confirm your total payment.

Where is the best place to buy Gynexin online?

Buy it directly from the official source. The manufacturer’s website is www.gynexin.com. Prices compete well against retail prices, you know you’re always getting the real formula, and occasionally the website even runs discounts and promotion offers on stock that needs to be sold before new batches can be made. The site uses secured cart software and safe payment gateways as well as privacy protection. Discrete shipping is available.

How much does Gynexin cost?

It’s cheaper if you buy multiple bottles or during one of the many promotions run by the site, but a single bottle of Gynexin at full price costs USD $69.95 for 60 tablets. This is enough for the recommended dose of two tablets a day for one month, and should be enough for you to start to see results. If you then return to the store and buy a the next few months’ worth together, each bottle comes down to $46.93.

How is Gynexin different from Gynexol?

Gynexol is a topical cream that achieves the same result through a different formula, since active ingredients work differently internally as opposed to externally. Gynexol was developed as a treatment for men who cannot take oral medication due to potential interference with other oral medications.

Who should use Gynexin?

If you have been searching for a permanent but non-invasive solution to your gynecomastia symptoms, and you don’t want to start hormone therapy, Gynexol may be effective for you. If you have a diagnosis which tells you that your ‘man boob’ problem is benign and not worth treating with surgery or prescription hormones, then Gynexin should be safe for you, and as noted above, the success rate is high. If after a few months of use you cannot see a difference, you can take the company up on their money-back guarantee. Whilst the results may take time, a money back guarantee means you don’t have anything to lose.